Delaware Park poker room is the best place to play poker in Delaware

The very fact that Delaware Park takes its poker very seriously would have to be regarded as the understatement of the year! Poker and Delaware Park go hand in hand with regards to offering the poker player everything they will ever need, whether they are someone who looks on poker as a recreational hobby or someone who is classed as a pro.

To begin with, let’s take a look at the venue itself. The poker room and the poker tournament room are furnished in a manner which means that luxury is second nature. Just sitting down for a game of poker in either one of these rooms will leave players in no doubt that there is a world of difference between playing at a venue like this and playing online. It could in fact be argued that you could be playing a different game because the Delaware poker experience is most definitely the real deal, absolutely no doubt about it.

Bearing that in mind it would not be an exaggeration to say that playing poker online will never be quite the same again after the Delaware Poker experience!

If poker tournaments are your thing, Delaware Poker will be exactly what you are looking for and don’t worry that the poker tournaments that are staged there only take place every once in a while or that the prize money is not worth bothering with. The Delaware Poker tournaments literally take place on a daily basis with prize money that is most definitely not to be sniffed at! All it takes is a quick look at the monthly poker tournament schedules and you will see that you could literally be playing in tourneys every day throughout the month should you have the time and the inclination.

The poker room is open every day of the year except for a break at Christmas and Easter and when they say open every day, they also mean it is open for 24 hours each day, quite impressive you will surely agree and one of the many reasons why Delaware Poker commonly regarded as one of the best poker venues in the country.

In fact, on March 25th, 2013, Delaware Poker was officially included in the world famous Guinness Book Of Records as being the venue that hosted the Longest Continuous Poker Tournament which lasted for over 36 hours, this marvellous feat of endurance by all of the players involved well and truly cemented Delaware poker in the legendary poker hall of fame.

If you are someone who has not really had the pleasure of taking part in a poker tournament or perhaps don’t haven’t really played poker before then please don’t worry because Delaware Poker have that angle covered as well.

They have on their website a number of cutting edge training videos which are not only free to view but highly informative and guaranteed to teach you everything that you need to know about this wonderful game. They also have a series of free tourneys which are ideal for people who are just learning to play the game to take part in, and before you know it could be you who is planning a series of tournaments to take part in at Delaware Poker.

Entering a tournament is simplicity itself; just take a look at the schedule and book your seat online. It really could be any easier and you just need to turn up at the allotted time and take your seat!

There is also a live poker report on the website so that you can see exactly what kind of tournaments are being played at any given time and if you would like to organise a private tournament you will find that Delaware Poker will be only too pleased to accommodate you, it is just a case of asking.

To sum up Delaware Poker, as with all other aspects of Delaware Park, it is a different class. You really don’t have to worry about anything and just concentrate on an enjoyable and hopefully profitable game of poker, just leave everything else to your professional and expert hosts because they will ensure that everything will be just perfect!