Delaware Park Casino & Racing

Frequent Questions

What is your Post Time?2023-07-14T15:19:32-04:00

Post Time is 12:30pm daily.

What are your Valet & Shuttle Hours?2022-12-14T15:46:28-05:00

Slot Valet Hours
Monday – Thursday :   from 10:00am – midnight
Friday – Sunday :   from 9:00am hours (Friday) – 4:00am  (Monday)

Current Shuttle Bus Operations :
Sunday –  Monday One Bus from 5:00am – 1:00pm   (Track and Slot -side)

Tuesday & Wednesday:    Two Buses 9:00pm-5:00am (Track and Slot-side)

Thursday :  One Bus from 5:00am – 1:00pm   (Track and Slot -side)

Friday – Saturday :   Same above schedule, but two buses from 9:00pm – 5:00am  (Track and Slot-side)

Two Buses from 1:00pm – 9:00pm (Track and Slot-side)

One Bus from 9:00pm – 5:00am   (Track and Slot-side)

I found an old mutuel ticket, how can I find out if it’s a winner?2024-02-15T23:05:48-05:00

The Mutuel Department will be able to verify if you are holding a winning bet

I have an old winning mutuel ticket, how can I cash it in?2017-03-21T14:54:39-04:00

Winning tickets are valid throughout the year you placed the bet and up to the conclusion of our Live Racing Meet the following year.

Should you wish to redeem your ticket by mail, please send to:
Attention: Mutuel Department
Delaware Park Racetrack & Slots
777 Delaware Park Blvd
Wilmington, DE 19804

You MUST add the return mailing address and include “proof of age” (ie. a copy of your drivers license.)

How can I get a win photo / video of a race at Delaware Park?2017-03-21T14:54:01-04:00

Our Official Track Photographer, Hoofprints, Inc. can be contacted at:
(302) 994-2521 ext. 7376 or mary@hoofprintsinc.com. You can also visit Hoofprints, Inc. website at www.hoofprintsinc.com.

What racetracks do you currently simulcast?2017-03-21T14:53:34-04:00

Our current simulcast schedule is always posted on the first floor of the Clubhouse and at the Program stand in the Race Book. We also have it available on this site under the “Horse Racing” heading to the left of the page. You may also call (302) 998-0110 or click here to view current month.

When are racing programs available & where can I get one?2024-02-15T23:06:41-05:00

Our live racing program is generally available the afternoon before the race day and can be printed from the Program Kiosks. Combined simulcasting programs (Harness and Thoroughbred) can be purchased on 1st floor of the Clubhouse, as well as printed from the kiosks (individual racetracks only.)

We sell the Daily Racing Form on Club 1.

How can I meet one of the Delaware Park jockeys?2017-03-21T14:52:46-04:00

Not only is our open-air paddock one of the prettiest in the country, but it allows you the opportunity to see the pre-race action up close. The Jock’s Room is located directly adjacent to this area and the jockeys are always willing to greet visitors before dashing off to their mount.

I misplaced my Win/Loss tax statement. How do I get another one?2017-03-21T14:52:15-04:00

The information can be seen by visiting our Win / Loss Statement Page.

Can I bet a Delaware Park race without being on the property?2017-03-21T14:51:52-04:00

At this time, Delaware Park does not have the capability of accepting wagers either by telephone or online. An online service such as www.youbet.com is your best option for placing your wager. Please keep in mind that with the exception of special races, Delaware Park accepts wagers on same day races only.

How can I get race results and scratches?2017-03-21T14:51:01-04:00

Race Results for Delaware Park and all thoroughbred tracks can be viewed online at http://www.equibase.com/static/chart/pdf/DEL-calendar.html.

Scratches for Delaware Park and all thoroughbred tracks can be viewed online at http://www.equibase.com/premium/eqpLateScratches.cfm.

How many horses have to start for a race to offer a Trifecta wager?2017-03-21T14:49:23-04:00

There has to be five horses in a race to offer the Trifecta wager.

How many horses have to be in a race to offer a Superfecta Wager?2017-03-21T14:49:01-04:00

There has to be seven horses entered in the race to offer a Superfecta Wager.

Do I need a player’s card to enter into a tournament?2017-03-21T12:35:22-04:00

Yes, a players card is needed to enter all tournaments.

What are the starting blinds and limits?2017-03-21T12:34:12-04:00

Blinds will start at 25-50 and all tournaments are No-Limit Hold’em.

How many spots are paid winners?2017-03-21T12:33:44-04:00

Payouts will depend on the amount of players entered.

What types of slot machines do you currently offer?2017-03-21T12:24:11-04:00

We have a wide range of machines for play from half cent denominations to $50. Reels and video, as well as progressive slots and electronic table games are located throughout our roomy parlor. *Half cent games do require a minimum bet but offer 2 lines per penny.

Which forms of identification do you accept for paying out winnings?2017-03-21T12:23:42-04:00

All acceptable forms of identifications must be non-expired and are as follow:

  • Driver’s License
  • Government Issued Identification
  • Official Passport
  • Military ID
  • Alien Registration Card
Do you have table games?2017-03-21T12:23:00-04:00

We offer over live table games and a full service Poker Room. Games include Blackjack, Roulette, Craps, Let it Ride, Texas Hold ‘Em, Four and Five-Card Poker and Pai Gow (Fortune).

My friend received a promotional post card in the mail, why didn’t I?2017-03-21T12:22:09-04:00

Our promotions and incentives are based on many criteria, including amount of visits in a time period.   We value your patronage and encourage you to use your card every time you play, so you can become eligible for these special offers.

Do my Player Rewards Club points expire?2017-03-21T12:21:19-04:00

Points may expire with account inactivity.

How often do your slot machines pay off?2017-03-21T12:20:55-04:00

Delaware Park consistently returns approximately 92%-93% to its patrons– generally the highest in the mid-Atlantic region.

How do I make reservations in one of your restaurants?2023-10-20T13:36:01-04:00

Reservations at Legends can be made by calling (302) 994-2521 ext. 7476 or click here for Open Table.

Click here to make reservations for 1937 Brewing Co. or call  302-993-8961.

Where can I find a place to stay overnight near Delaware Park?2017-03-21T12:07:01-04:00

There are many wonderful places to stay within the vicinity of Delaware Park. Click here to get Local Area Hotel information. Many area hotels offer a special rate for Delaware Park visitors, so please be sure to inquire about this when making your reservation.

Do any area hotels offer shuttle service to Delaware Park?2017-03-21T12:06:39-04:00

Yes, the Christiana Hilton offers its guests shuttle service to and from the Hotel to Delaware Park. You may reach them by calling (302) 454-1500 or click here to visit their website.

For a list of Local Area Hotels click here.

Can I get a gift certificate for Delaware Park?2024-02-15T23:09:52-05:00

Gift cards available at  1937 Brewing Company, Del Cap Cafe and at the gift shop.

What trains/buses run to Delaware Park?2017-03-21T12:03:50-04:00

Fairplay Station is located on Delaware Park property and receives
Amtrak ) rail service. DART buses serving New Castle County, do have a line that stops at Delaware Park. Schedules can be viewed by clicking on the appropriate link under “Local Info” on our Directions Page.

Do you allow smoking at Delaware Park?2017-03-21T12:01:57-04:00

Under State law, smoking is prohibited in any indoor facility. We do offer, however, comfortable areas outside the Slots parlor, where smoking is permitted.

Are there any pet-friendly hotels or kennels nearby?2017-03-21T12:01:30-04:00

Christiana Hilton Hotel – (302) 454-1500 www.hiltonchristiana.com/
VCA Kirkwood Animal Hospital- (302) 738-1738
Playtime Doggie Daycare- (302) 368-3100 / www.playtimedoggiedaycare.com
Patriot’s Shaggy Shack- (302) 894-9101
Canine Creations- (302) 366-1119
Animal Veterinary Center- (302) 322-6488 / www.animalvetcenter.com

Is your facility handicapped-accessible?2017-03-21T12:01:05-04:00

Yes. There are plenty of handicapped parking spots located by the Slots Valet. We also offer free valet parking at both valet areas for physically-challenged patrons.

What are your age restrictions?2017-03-21T12:00:44-04:00

Slot Floor
No one under the age of 21 is permitted on the Slot floor. The legal age to wager on Slots is 21 years of age or older.

Race and Sports Book & Grove areas
There are no age restrictions to enter the Race and Sports Book & Grove areas, however all children (under the age of 18) must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

The legal age to wagering on horse racing is 18 years of age or older.

The legal age to place a sports bet is 21 years or older.

Age requirements are strictly enforced and we appreciate your adherence to these policies.

How can I apply for employment at Delaware Park?2024-02-15T23:12:35-05:00

Available positions can be viewed by clicking here.

The HR Office is open Monday through Friday from 9:00am-5:00pm.
Telephone: 1-302-994-2521 ext 7158;  Fax; 302-993-8976.
E-mail hr@delawarepark.com.

How can I get more information on Delaware Park?2017-03-21T11:59:18-04:00

If you do not find the information you are seeking on our website, please email us at programs@delawarepark.com. We will be sure to respond in a timely manner.

Do you have a gift shop?2017-03-21T11:58:50-04:00

Our upscale boutique, Traditions, is conveniently located on the first floor of the Slots parlor.

You may use your accumulated Player Rewards points to shop for name brand electronics, apparel, and gift items.

What am I allowed to bring into the Grove area?2017-03-21T11:58:25-04:00

For your enjoyment, picnic baskets, coolers, and charcoal grills are permitted in this outdoor area. Propane grills, glass and alcohol are prohibited from Delaware Park property. For your safety, as well as ours, all coolers and bags are subject to search upon entrance. For more information about The Grove click here.

Can I bring my pet to Delaware Park (in the Grove)?2017-03-21T11:55:28-04:00

For the safety and overall enjoyment of our guests, pets are prohibited from our property.

What are your parking & admission fees?2017-03-21T11:54:58-04:00

General parking and admission are FREE and complimentary shuttle service is provided from the parking areas to the Slots & racing Clubhouse.

Valet parking is offered at our Slots Entrance for $4.

Does Delaware Park give ‘comp’ drinks to its players?2017-03-21T11:54:11-04:00

State law prohibits us from providing complimentary alcohol, but we do offer free soft drinks and coffee.

Can I buy Delaware Lottery Tickets at Delaware Park?2017-03-21T11:53:48-04:00

Our Gift Cart in the Slots lobby does sell Delaware Lottery tickets. Per Delaware Lottery rules, tickets can be purchased anytime the Gift Cart is open, with the exception of specific game days. Lotto can be purchased until 7:15 p.m. on gaming days (Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays) for the 7:57 p.m. drawing and Powerball can be purchased up to 9:45 p.m. on gaming days (Wednesdays and Saturdays) for the 10:59 p.m. drawing.

Can I distribute or post flyers for my organization or business at Delaware Park?2017-03-21T11:53:28-04:00

No, we respect our guests’ privacy and confidentiality. For this reason, we adhere to a strict ‘No Solicitation’ policy which is strictly enforced.

Can you tell me the current line on a specific game?2017-03-21T11:25:35-04:00

Federal laws do not permit us to give odds over the telephone. We have to recommend that guests come in to the Sports Book to review the board odds.

Where can I get Parlay Cards?2017-03-21T11:25:12-04:00

Parlay Cards are updated on our website at approximately noon each Wednesday.

Is there a cut off time to make a bet?2017-03-21T11:23:15-04:00

You can place a bet up until kickoff, however, if the guest is placing a large bet that must be approved then we recommend that the guest allow a few extra minutes before kick off so they don’t get locked out.

Where will the football games be shown?2017-03-21T11:21:32-04:00

During the week, games will be shown on the first floor of the Race and Sports Book. Sports Tellers and Self Serve Betting Terminals are available.

Sports and Race Tellers are designated by overhead signage. The self service terminals are also designated by signage.

On Sundays, in addition to the first floor of the Race and Sports Book, the Sports Bar on the third floor will be open and all televisions on the main floor and the New Castle Room are designated for sports. Simulcast Racing on Sundays will be available on first and second floors of the Race and Sports Book.

On Sundays, throughout the football season, food and drink specials will be available in the Race and Sports Book.

Can I bet over the phone or through the internet?2017-03-21T11:17:01-04:00

No. All bets must be handled in person at the Sports Book.

Do you offer Over/Under Bets?2017-03-21T11:16:34-04:00

Yes, over/under wagering will begin with regular season 2013.

If the line changes on an Off-the-Board bet, does this affect my line or payoff?2017-03-21T11:16:07-04:00

No. The line at the time of the wager is listed on your ticket and remains the same. The payoff is also listed on your ticket and does not change except in the case of a push/tie. See the official rules for more details on a push/tie.

Can I make a wager at any of Delaware’s Sports Books or Sports Lottery locations and then cash the tickets at Delaware Park’s Sports Book?2017-03-21T11:15:20-04:00

Example: If I place a wager at Dover Downs; can I cash the ticket at Delaware Park? Yes, all of Delaware’s racetracks are able to cash each others tickets as well as any sports ticket from any of Delaware’s Sports lottery locations.

How do I cash in my winning Sports Betting Ticket?2024-03-05T16:47:01-05:00

Winning tickets may be cashed at any of the Sports Books located at Delaware Park, Bally’s , or Harrington. None of the facilities offer redemption of winning tickets through the mail. If you would like to redeem your winning ticket through the mail, you must mail the ticket to the Delaware State Lottery Office, whose address is listed on the back of the ticket.

How long do I have to cash a sports betting ticket before it is void?2017-03-21T11:12:44-04:00

Sports betting tickets must be cashed within one year from date of issue.

Are children allowed in the Race and Sports Book?2017-03-21T11:11:48-04:00

Yes, children are allowed in the Race and Sports Book, however all children under 18 years of age must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

What is the legal age to place a bet in the Race and Sports Book?2017-03-21T11:05:01-04:00

The minimum age to place or cash a Sports wager is 21 years of age.

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